Aspire Joinery

Meet Bernie Hunt from Aspire Joinery. “Aspire was created in 2007 providing joinery, not only in New Zealand, but into Australia as well. We started using Accounting Solutions over 25 years ago. Louise is very positive and she gives very good wisdom into accountancy, gives very good service, but also she cares about my business. … Read more

Fresh Choice Merivale

Meet Craig from Fresh Choice Merivale. “Hi, my name’s Craig Grant, I’m the owner/operator of Merivale Fresh Choice supermarket. I’ve been in business just on 20 years now. I’ve been working with Accounting Solutions now for about four to five years. Previous to Accounting Solutions, I worked with accounting businesses and both of those were … Read more

Mentoring Programme Attendees

Meet our Mentoring Programme Attendees. Hear what our LIFT Wealth & Business Coaching participants have been saying: “The LIFT Programme has given us the tools to increase our workflow, profits, and turnover. (Richard Trent, Trent Building Solutions) It’s made a huge impact on my business and personal life, setting goals and breaking down every part … Read more

Turbo Care

Meet Judy & Jarrad from Turbo Care. “Our business name is Turbo Care New Zealand Ltd. We’re involved in the overhauling and selling of turbo chargers. What was business like for us before Accounting Solutions? Unorganised, no direction and not necessarily understanding the figures. I’ve been working with Accounting Solutions since 2017 I believe. We … Read more

Kaikoura Bakery

Meet Shane & Sophia from Kaikoura Bakery. “We’re from Kaikoura bakery and we make a fresh range of products and sell them through our retail store. I worked as a baker since I left school so it was sort of just a progression of working for people for several years and then seeing the results … Read more

Hibbards Butchery

Meet Steven from Hibbards Butchery. “I’m Steven Joseph and I own Hibbards Butchery and Ellesmere Butchery, and I’ve been in business for two years now. What I enjoy about running my own business is having the freedom to do whatever I like and take ownership of my day-to-day running of my own business. My wife … Read more

Laser Plumbing

Meet Andy from Laser Plumbing (Christchurch West). “My name is Andy Shaw, I’m co-owner of Laser Plumbing Christchurch West. I own it with my wife Loretta. We’ve had the business for about 28 years now, but actually had the Laser franchise for about 11 years now. We went into business originally for financial freedom. I … Read more


Meet Tracy from Doggone. “I’m Tracy Austin from Doggone. Our vision is to keep dogs out of pounds and shelters and at home with their loved ones. We do that by providing a bluetooth registration tag for dogs which we pair with our app and then we sell to councils, and they provide that registration … Read more