We are financial freedom creators.

Accounting for business owners who want to lead a thriving business and fulfilling life.

How we can help you.

From saving on taxes to protecting assets, building a profitable business and increasing wealth, we are financial freedom creators who put joy back into your business and life.

Our accounting firm specialises in getting to the heart of a business, finding out what makes it tick and setting about to make what once seemed impossible so that you can have the security and financial freedom to live a life you choose

We’ve put together a range of tailored accounting and mentoring services to help you succeed.

The Fix Up

Stressed and feeling like your business is failing, you’ve got too much to do and can’t pay your bills? Quickly resolve these issues and get back on track with a solid plan for profit. Learn More

The Overhaul

Wondering if there’s a better way to manage excessive tax bills, protect your assets or structure your business? Identify new opportunities, save money and give your finances and business a complete overhaul. Learn More

The Works

Wearing too many hats in your business? Do you want to free up the burden that your accounts, tax requirements, and bookkeeping causes? Use your time to do what you’re great at and we’ll take care of part or all of your financial needs. Learn More

The Essentials

Want to be free from the burden of multiple tax obligations? The Essentials Plan is a solution for business owners who want to outsource all their core tax obligations, including provisional taxes, annual financial statements, tax returns, and GST and management accounting. Learn More

Wealth & Profit Builders

Along with managing your tax accounting, management accounting, GST and annual financial statements; our Wealth and Profit Builder services take a holistic look at your business performance, so we can make recommendations and put in place a programme that aims to improve your overall wealth. Learn More

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear testimonials from business owners and, why our services & support form an integral part of their day to day processes & success

Lift Wealth & Business Mentoring.

Is your business in financial trouble? Are you experiencing the stress and anxiety of business owner burnout?

We offer a range of group and one-on-one wealth and business mentoring programmes designed to create long term business success, greater financial independance and security so you can live the live you desire.

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