Turbo Care

Meet Judy & Jarrad from Turbo Care.

“Our business name is Turbo Care New Zealand Ltd. We’re involved in the overhauling and selling of turbo chargers.

What was business like for us before Accounting Solutions? Unorganised, no direction and not necessarily understanding the figures.

I’ve been working with Accounting Solutions since 2017 I believe. We chose Accounting Solutions through a process we went through:

We were at a point where the business was really growing and we needed some support to take it to the next level. John Hamilton from Regional Business Partners gave us three names three accountants to contact, one of them being Louise.

I felt the boys might like to have a male accountant, because it’s [Turbo Charger service and sales] a male-dominated world.

But after having Louise come out and talk to us we all agreed that Louise was the right fit for our business. We just felt at ease with her, we just felt that she could offer us what we needed at that time.

From my perspective the quarterly cash flow management meetings been beneficial for us.

It’s meant we’ve been able to sit down and dissect the figures for the quarter, foresee – perhaps – some obstacles that are going to be facing us or confronting us and knowing how to handle them.

If we can get results like we have, I’m sure other companies out there can get the same results.

So the next five to ten years obviously there’s going to be a big change in the turbocharger industry – there’s going to be growth in the industry – so I think we’re definitely going to need Accounting Solutions there, because I’ll be taking the business over eventually and I think having Louise by my side to guide me will definitely be something that I’ll need.

The support we have gained from Accounting Solutions and the team has been amazing. We feel Louise is like a friend to us now, and she understands us and really has an understanding of how the business works and I would very much think she’ll be part of our future for many years to come.”