Mentoring Programme Attendees

Meet our Mentoring Programme Attendees.

Hear what our LIFT Wealth & Business Coaching participants have been saying:

“The LIFT Programme has given us the tools to increase our workflow, profits, and turnover. (Richard Trent, Trent Building Solutions)

It’s made a huge impact on my business and personal life, setting goals and breaking down every part of the business (Carmen Hubber, Hair Design)

Having it regular works really well because you end up analysing how well you’ve done and with everybody else in the group you can talk about it, it’s been really really good (Alex Brouwer, Business IT Solutions Ltd.)

When you come to the workshop we have a dashboard whereby we can have a look at how our business is tracking and where it’s at, it’s giving us a good overview and summary of what’s changed in the last six weeks and what we’ve got to work on. (Renee & Graham Woodham, Modern Age Kitchen and Joinery)

It’s all about motivation of staff, if your staff are motivated you have a better team and the whole business is a lot easier that way. Then you actually make money without realising it because they actually want to work with you. (Sandra and Greg Lysaght, Lysaght Limited)

I’ve definitely felt less pressure when it comes to Christmas because we’ve planned ahead a lot more. We’ve been putting money aside for the times where we’re quiet.

We’ve definitely put people in place, into positions that, as a business owner, you’re forced to step into, but sometimes you don’t enjoy them. We’ve now enforced some guidelines for other people to move into those roles. And, in turn, it gives me that freedom of time, to be able to spend time with family.

The big change for me has been more being able to trust the business without me. That’s a massive change because normally you feel like you have to micro manage everything and that’s exhausting, it’s tiring and it’s not very effective at all. But now since I’ve been doing the workshop and been making a lot of changes, I feel more that I can have a holiday and leave the business for a little bit and things don’t fall apart.

Our business is now in a growth space which means for us that we know where to go to get there from going through the programme. To hear from other parties that they’ve seen a massive growth in us over the last year in terms of leadership and running the business, and stepping up, that’s been really positive as well.

It’s essential for all businesses to actually learn something like this. I don’t want to stop.”