Hibbards Butchery

Meet Steven from Hibbards Butchery.

“I’m Steven Joseph and I own Hibbards Butchery and Ellesmere Butchery, and I’ve been in business for two years now. What I enjoy about running my own business is having the freedom to do whatever I like and take ownership of my day-to-day running of my own business.

My wife was looking for the best accountant that would help us out to do what we wanted to do and get ahead in life.

Accounting Solutions has helped us in a lot of areas in growing the business. Since taking over, we’ve grown the business 270% in a year and a half.

Life could have been a lot different if I didn’t come to Accounting Solutions because I wouldn’t have been able to grow the way I did and just the way Louise has been completely honest with me because I get too excited some times. I want to go out and do things and she settles me down and sets me in the right direction.

In the next 5-10 years I plan to have another 5 shops around the place. We’ve already grown one shop in the year and a half, or the two years that we’ve been with Accounting Solutions.

I would recommend Accounting Solutions to all my friends and family and anyone who’s in business because they’ve helped me out a lot and I’m growing quite well at the moment.”