Aspire Joinery

Meet Bernie Hunt from Aspire Joinery.

“Aspire was created in 2007 providing joinery, not only in New Zealand, but into Australia as well.

We started using Accounting Solutions over 25 years ago. Louise is very positive and she gives very good wisdom into accountancy, gives very good service, but also she cares about my business.

Accounting Solutions helped the process for us to go from a 900 square metre building into a 2,000 square metre building.

Today it’s a wee bit daunting to know that in 2021 I can say that we’ll have a workshop in Australia. Louise from Accounting Solutions has been a great help for us to go into Melbourne. As the business hasn’t started yet we’re doing a lot of groundwork.

Louise has also helped us to get a lawyer and also a tax consultant. This shows you that it’s not all about accountancy, it’s about service and that’s what my business is about: service.

I think great businesses align themselves with great people around them and Accounting Solutions are a great team to have – going into the future it gives me confidence.”