Fresh Choice Merivale

Meet Craig from Fresh Choice Merivale.

“Hi, my name’s Craig Grant, I’m the owner/operator of Merivale Fresh Choice supermarket.

I’ve been in business just on 20 years now. I’ve been working with Accounting Solutions now for about four to five years.

Previous to Accounting Solutions, I worked with accounting businesses and both of those were good but we switched over to Accounting Solutions at the very tail end of an insurance cleanup and it gave us a good opportunity to move forward with a clean slate, after the insurance processes associated with the earthquakes.

Accounting Solutions have been great, in both the current environment and in planning – we went through a major refit of the supermarket last year, 2018, and part of that involved a full overhaul meaning a bit of debt came on board, and working together with the banks and Accounting Solutions was a good outcome to be able to get the refit done.

Accounting Solutions will play a major part in our planning for the future and where we intend to go, we’ve got a good business relationship.”