Meet Tracy from Doggone.

“I’m Tracy Austin from Doggone. Our vision is to keep dogs out of pounds and shelters and at home with their loved ones. We do that by providing a bluetooth registration tag for dogs which we pair with our app and then we sell to councils, and they provide that registration tag to dog owners as part of their registration process.

I was really particular about who I wanted to work with particularly in the accounting space. I interviewed a few accountants and for me the biggest thing was, I wanted a connection, I wanted an accountant who really wanted to understand my business.

I feel if they know the ins and outs of what you do then what they can do you can be so much more useful. Accounting Solutions have definitely helped me, particularly in the area of knowledge growth.

When I came into this business I was a bit green in some areas and Louise and the team have certainly worked to develop my knowledge in those areas, particularly in terms of budgeting and cash flow. Their help’s been invaluable.

When I’ve finished a meeting with Louise I’d have to say the word that springs to mind is empowered, certainly because it’s increased my knowledge base even further.

I’ve specifically sought to have one-on-ones with Louise and her team and that just works well for my business and I’ve found that really invaluable.

I’ve had assistance in-house from Accounting Solutions around setting up Xero and using it, and it’s something that we use at Doggone daily. It’s been great because it’s helped increase our knowledge base of how accounts work.

Look, I’d absolutely recommend Accounting Solutions. I think if you want that personal touch; I didn’t want to be client #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, I wanted to be Tracy from Doggone and if that’s the level of service you’re wanting from your accountant then absolutely they’re the crew to go to.”