What’s in the budget for you as a business owner?

NZ Government’s 2024 Annual Budget I think we may all agree with this Budget; it gave some relief that the Government is putting money into the areas that are needed most: our education system, health, law & order, the roading & transport infrastructure within New Zealand and getting the Country into better shape, while at … Read more

Fair Pay Agreements – What do I need to do as an employer?

We’ve put together, in plain English, a summary of how the Fair Payment Agreement Act will affect your business. What is a fair pay agreement? (FPA) The government is bringing in a new Fair Pay Agreement system, where employer/employee associations and unions will bargain for minimum employment terms across an occupation or industry. These organisations … Read more

AUGUST UPDATE – Work Visa’s, Environmental Accounting, Your Online Presence and more!

ACCREDITED EMPLOYER WORK VISA – NOW OPEN The third and final stage for a new simplified work visa is now live. This Accredited Employer Work Visa was introduced to help with skilled worker shortages and allows offshore migrants to apply and work for a New Zealand-accredited employer. Partners and dependents of work visa applicants are … Read more

The 2022 Budget – What’s In It For You?

What’s in the Budget for you, as Business Owners: If you are like me, I’ve been extremely worried about the Government’s spending and I was hoping to see some belts being tightened. But we also need the Government to spend, to stimulate the economy, so tightening the purse strings can upset the economy too. If … Read more

What Leave Do My Employees Use? Covid, Close Contact & Support Updates

There has been quite a few updates since our last newsletter, and questions from clients about paying your employees during the Covid outbreak, this has been included in today’s newsletter as well as the following: Employee Leave and Pay Entitlements During COVID-19 As the COVID-19 cases continue to increase we are going to see a … Read more

Managing COVID-19 In Your Business

Now that Omicron is in the country and we have moved to the Red traffic light system, it’s recommended, if you haven’t already, that your business has a policy/plan about how you will protect and manage COVID-19, to ensure the least amount of disruption. It’s the best thing you can plan for because it will … Read more

Apps & Posters For The Traffic Light Framework & Support Available For Businesses

At 11:59pm tonight – 2nd of December 2021 all of New Zealand will move to the new COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system). You can read about what this mean’s for businesses and about the capacity limits / defined spaces in the following links:• Requiring My Vaccine Passes for Entry – How you can check … Read more

New COVID-19 Framework & Vaccination Certificates

The Government’s announcement on the next stage of the COVID-19 response plan introduces a new framework of measures that will commence when 90% of eligible New Zealanders are fully vaccinated. The new framework has three levels: Red, Orange and Green. Each has different levels of restrictions. At all levels businesses will be able to operate, … Read more

COVID Alert Level 4 Support – All The Details On What Your Business May Be Eligible For

UPDATES ON LAST WEEK’S NEWSLETTER The wage subsidy – the main points to be aware of Important note: Make sure when you complete your invoicing that the dates of your invoices are when you completed the sale/job, not dated during the Level 4 lockdown period (the 14 day period MSD is counting as your fortnight … Read more

Do We Fix Or Float? How To: For Sick Leave Changes

OUTCOME OF LAST WEEKS RESERVE BANK ANNOUNCEMENT:AUGUST OCR HIKE PREDICTION AND REDUCED ECONOMIC STIMULUS What we know…The Reserve Bank has just announced that the official cash rate will remain at 0.25%. This can be seen as the wholesale rate that the banks can borrow from the Reserve Bank at, essentially the lower the number the … Read more

Changes to Tax Rules for Property & Sick leave, KiwiSaver Contributions and Upcoming Westpac Awards

JUNE 2021 UPDATES & NEWSLETTER RESIDENTIAL INVESTOR TAX RULE CHANGESThe Government recently confirmed a few more details for the changes to tax rules for property. The news confirms that anyone who has purchased a residential investment property before 27 March 2021 will see interest deductibility be phased out between October 2021 and March 2025, and … Read more

The 2021 Wellbeing Budget – What’s in it for you?

Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s 2021 budget is a cautious balancing act between incurring further debt and increasing spending on measures designed to reduce child poverty. After the dramatic March tax announcements that caused a tailspin among property investors, Budget 2021 is silent on any significant new tax proposals. However, the Government’s Budget 2021 document refers … Read more

May 2021 Updates & Newsletter

1. NEW RULES TO KEEP CASH FLOWINGIf money is a bit tight, here are some tax measures focused on providing and enabling cashflow that you might like to consider:• The tax loss carry-back rule, which means if you’re expecting a tax loss for the year ended 31 March 2021, you might be eligible for a … Read more

Important Government Announcements made that may affect you

The Government made some important announcements yesterday morning (23/03/2021) to help try and address the supply and demand for residential properties. They include: 1. THE BRIGHTLINE TEST FOR HOUSES WILL INCREASE FROM 5-10 YEARS.The bright-line test is increasing from 5 to 10 years from 27th of March 2021, meaning anyone who buys and sells a … Read more

Holidays Act Overhaul, Minimum Wage Is Increasing & Revised BFS Scheme

REVISED BUSINESS FINANCE GUARANTEE SCHEMEThe Business Finance Guarantee Scheme was revised late last year to become more fit for purpose and to help more businesses recover from the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Rules regarding what the loans can be used for have now loosened and things such as CAPEX, working capital, business expansion etc can … Read more

The Privacy Act 2020 – Are you prepared?

As of the 1st of December the Privacy Act 2020 will be introduced and this will impact all of us within New Zealand. What does this mean for you? Perhaps the biggest aspect of the new legislation is that compliance is now compulsory. Previously, compliance within the Act has been good practice. From the 1st … Read more

Government Support Update

Here is a quick update on what Government Support is currently available: Wage Subsidies New Resurgence Wage Subsidy The Government Announced a new two-week Resurgence Wage Subsidy (RWS) Scheme yesterday. It is for businesses who have had / or predict that they will have a 40% drop in revenue, within a 14 day period between … Read more

Apprenticeship Boost & Link to apply, R & D loans, Overseas Workers & More

Apprenticeship Boost for BusinessesWe now have more specific detail on the $380.6 million initiative to help keep apprentices employed, and to ensure apprentices continue to start training throughout the recovery of COVID-19. Here are a few of the main details:• The Apprenticeship Boost will support up to 36,000 apprentices per year (including new apprentices), by … Read more