Laser Plumbing

Meet Andy from Laser Plumbing (Christchurch West).

“My name is Andy Shaw, I’m co-owner of Laser Plumbing Christchurch West. I own it with my wife Loretta. We’ve had the business for about 28 years now, but actually had the Laser franchise for about 11 years now.

We went into business originally for financial freedom. I probably had this idea that it was going to make life a lot easier and I was going to have a lot more time to myself which wasn’t the case at all – I’d probably never worked harder in my life.

Life before we got in touch with Accounting Solutions didn’t have direction. You want to make business decisions and you’re kind of just going with your gut instinct when you’re trying to make financial decisions – it’s not the best way!

It was a little bit more stressful with trying to budget things and trying to work out when was good timing for purchases and aquisitions, that type of thing.

We chose Accounting Solutions through a referral from a friend of mine who was a client of Louise and the team. He spoke very highly of Accounting Solutions.

Following our quarterly management meetings Loretta and I would go away with a lot more insight into not just how we’d done, but the prospects of where we’re going. It gives us peace of mind.

I would gladly recommend Accounting Solutions to other friends or colleagues. From what we’ve gained from working with Louise and the team, it’s far exceeded our expectations.”