Kaikoura Bakery

Meet Shane & Sophia from Kaikoura Bakery.

“We’re from Kaikoura bakery and we make a fresh range of products and sell them through our retail store.

I worked as a baker since I left school so it was sort of just a progression of working for people for several years and then seeing the results that they were getting and the pride and decided that was something that I wanted to achieve, to strive for, to have my own bakery.

We’ve been in business for almost five years now. It was a bank manager who suggested that we come to Accounting Solutions.

We were looking for an accountant and asked for his recommendation and he suggested Accounting Solutions.

He also knew that it was our first time going into business and he said ‘not only do you want an accountant but you want someone that’s going to give you the support as well’, so, it’s one thing doing all the books, but it’s another thing having those goals and helping you to achieve them.

They helped us identify and work through those things and plus make sure we’re going in the right direction not only as accountants but they also help us with business planning, goal-setting, mentoring, and we’ve found it really valuable.

Accounting Solutions has actually been instrumental in helping us through the whole post-earthquake process and dealing with the insurer, for getting the business back on its feet and getting everything done. It’s been fabulous.

I think we had about 16 staff at the time that the earthquake happened and they’re all looking at us to make the right decisions for themselves and the business and their livelihoods and mortgages and all the rest of it and our lives are in a bit of a mess and our business is in a mess and we’re turning to the professionals behind us which are Accounting Solutions, to help give us the support and the tools so that we can carry on.

It’s just a big load off your mind when Louise contacted us and said ‘don’t worry about the accounting side of things, we’ll take care of it it’s all done. Focus on the things that are on the ground that are important to you and your family and your staff’s family’. So it was just a real relief, it’s priceless.”