Join us at ‘Level Up’ by Jimi Hunt

Join us for an inspiring morning with Jimi Hunt where you’ll learn how to improve the wellbeing and mental fitness of you and your team, so you can reduce burnout, stress, mistakes and improve employee effectiveness, efficiency and your profit margins. Our speaker Jimi Hunt is committed to affecting radical, positive change in people’s lives … Read more

What’s in the budget for you as a business owner?

NZ Government’s 2024 Annual Budget I think we may all agree with this Budget; it gave some relief that the Government is putting money into the areas that are needed most: our education system, health, law & order, the roading & transport infrastructure within New Zealand and getting the Country into better shape, while at … Read more

Podcast: Improving Financial Performance

Now you’ve checked in on how your business is performing, what can you do to make it better? Chartered Accountant Louise Neville, director of Accounting Solutions Ltd. joins Brad McDonald to build on their ideas from their previous interview, “Measuring Financial Performance”. They discuss:

Podcast: Measuring Financial Performance

How is your business really doing? How often do you check? How often SHOULD you check? Chartered Accountant Louise Neville, director of Accounting Solutions Limited joins Brad McDonald to figure out how your business is performing exactly. Including: