March Update – A Special Video for our Business Friends In The North Island

Our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the recent weather events.

It saddens us to hear about some of the impacts this has had on people, animals, homes and businesses.

We have learnt a lot about how natural disasters can impact your personal and business life, since the earthquakes, so Louise sat down with Brad at Godfrey’s law to discuss how to cope and move on when a natural disaster occurs. You can watch the video/podcast here

Below you will find links to some helpful information on how you can prepare for a natural disaster and a list of business support available.

Business support available to you

There are cyclone & flooding grants available, along with counselling and well-being support. Find out more.

Preparation tips for a natural disaster

Practical tips to help you prepare your business for a natural disaster. Find out more

Minimum wage increase

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins announced that the minimum wage is set to increase by $1.50 from $21.20 to $22.70 per hour from 1 April 2023. The starting-out and training minimum wage will also increase from $16.96 to $18.16 per hour.

If you are concerned about how this increase will impact your business, please feel free to contact us on 03 374 9393. There is a Government link on how you can prepare for the increases: Find out more.

What is e-invoicing and how does it work?

Have you considered eInvoicing yet? eInvoicing is the digital exchange of invoice information that you can use for your debtors and creditors, even if they are on a different software.

eInvoicing creates new levels of efficiency, accuracy and security, and for most businesses, getting set up should be simple.

We’ve put together a quick run down of how this works.

Find out more.

Great news! Changes to supplier/customer GST tax invoices from 1st April 2023 will mean you won’t need to keep as many receipts

The GST rules for invoicing and record keeping are changing from 1 April 2023.

You will now be required to provide and keep taxable supply information rather than tax invoices and credit notes will be referred to as Supply correction information.

Taxable supply information is the minimum information buyers and sellers need to keep as evidence of a transaction. The amount of information you need to keep is dependent on the amount of the taxable supply. For small amounts under $200 you will only need a document that evidences the payment. This link shows what you need for amounts over $200. (under GST record keeping requirements).

This will be the same for income tax for those wanting a tax deduction.

Documents do not need to necessarily be in hardcopy.  Inland Revenue is happy with soft electronic copies of documents.

Find out more.

Client and team news

Congratulations Ricky!

It was lovely to see Ricky get his New Zealand Citizenship last month, the ceremony was very moving.

Ricky and his wife Swati also welcomed beautiful Eliza into the world last December so this has been a busy time for them both. The family is doing great and they are enjoying their new journey of parenthood.


A few of our clients have been putting our fitness to shame recently with some outstanding results:

– Craig from Gatenby Engineering completed the 5 Passes Cycling Tour, which was a 617km bike ride split over 4 days. He won the teams race for the C1 Grade and also came 4th overall. Very impressive and motivational!

– Ryan from Eyrebrook Fresh came second place in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast, in a time of 11 hours, 47 minutes and 36 seconds. Wow!

Well done to you both Craig & Ryan, these are both such amazing results!