What Robyn and Rick did when their business needed a lift

“The LIFT – Wealth & Lifestyle Mentoring programme was fantastic and it helped us take our business to the next level.”

These are the words of Robyn Bennett who is part owner with husband Rick in one of Christchurch’s leading plastering companies, Premier Plastering Christchurch. We recently talked to Robyn to find out where things were at for her and Rick since completing the LIFT – Wealth & Lifestyle programme recently.

We needed something like the LIFT – Wealth & Lifestyle Mentoring programme. Our business was feeling ‘ho-hum’ and dull and we needed some direction and purpose. Who are we in business? Why are we in business? Where are we going? These sound like big questions, but the programme allowed us to examine our business and ourselves and get renewed purpose and direction.

This programme gave us the opportunity to see everything more clearly, to shift our focus and look at our business in a new light, we broke the business down and examined each piece and got real clarity, it gave us a real sense of focus and inspired us to refresh and enjoy our business again. Formulating a vision and mission statement for the business gave us great insight into the core purpose of the business.

The value of a supportive group

One thing that proved super valuable was that we got to work on our business rather than in it with a small group of business people from a variety of industries. We were able to bounce ideas off each other and share ideas and solutions and talk openly about our challenges and successes. That’s not common when you’re running a business…it can feel overwhelming and isolated at times. Sharing with others in the group was a fun and valuable experience for us.

We did things like personality profiling which meant we could see what our strengths were and play to those strengths within the business. It’s not something we’d ever given any thought to before but it made perfect sense once we’d done it.

So often you get too busy that you don’t have the space or time to even think about how your personality type can impact your business but it highlighted for us the importance of knowing who you are and what you’re good at so you can play to your strengths and allow others to play to theirs.

For Rick and I this programme had an impact beyond our business. The programme coaches you to examine your own lives and gain insight and clarity and set goals for the future, both personally and professionally. Goal setting has helped us work better together as business partners and as a couple.

It’s not always an easy being married to your business partner and if you’re not paying attention, business will easily spill over into your personal life and vice versa. Revisiting and reviewing the boundaries between our business and personal lives has helped us maintain a healthy balance.

Making a plan for our future

We realised that we have a really great business and that there is a future for it but to create that future we needed a plan that captured our goals for the next 10-15 years.

This programme encouraged us to make that plan and now we have a sense of security and freedom to move forward.

We are proud that over the years we’ve managed to ‘weather the storm’ and create a business that has a great reputation and is known for its quality service, we are proud to have worked on many high-profile jobs around the city past and present.

Working with Accounting Solutions

We’ve worked with Louise over the past 20 years and we know that having the right people and support around you is vital to success. Louise has been a part of that and even though we don’t work directly with her as much as we once did, we have great confidence in her team. We trust them as much as we trust Louise and they offer us the guidance and support we need, whenever we need it.

Premier Plastering Christchurch Ltd
Premier Plastering Christchurch

Robyn and Rick Bennett, owners of Christchurch’s leading plastering company, Premier Plastering Christchurch Ltd.

Our team of skilled craftsmen tackles a wide range of work from complete plaster facade installation and finishing, premium interior plaster finishing, right through to general exterior plastering of landscaping walls, fences, and renovations.

We understand and appreciate the importance of accurate installation of our products and services too each and every project. The system installation, and finish right down to the colour on your house is one of the first things that people see so we aim to give you the best finish possible. We also offer you a full plaster facade warranty on completion of your residence and can carry out maintenance and painting on your property if required.

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