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When my husband Brett died Louise was one of the first people I turned to. At the time I had a whole host of complicated estates, trust accounts, companies and financial affairs to sort out. She flew to Queenstown and handled it all for me. She dealt with the IRD, our solicitors and other family members. It was a real load off my mind while I was dealing with the grief. She went way beyond what I’d have expected any accountant to do. She was extremely compassionate, kind and very generous with her time.

I’ve now re-partnered and I’m supporting Rob in growing his business Marlborough Plumbing & Heating. Two years ago we moved our financial accounting business to Accounting Solutions where they look after all of our the accounts and provide mentoring and advice.

I suggested to Rob that we move to Accounting Solutions because they’re more proactive, holistic and knowledgeable than most accountants. While we haven’t been working with them that long, there’s already been a big shift in our attitude and our future plans for the business. Louise really is a great mentor in this regard.

My daughter, who lives in Perth, also entrusts the team at Accounting Solutions with all her financial accounting needs.

Working with Accounting Solutions

A good accountant is one of the most critical success factors in growing a small business.

They might at first seem expensive but once you see how much they can improve your financial situation by minimising your tax and providing you with advice on the best structures for your business, you’ll soon understand they’re worth every penny.

I’d thoroughly recommend Accounting Solutions to any business owner who wants to improve their financials and take their business to the next level.

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Rob and Sue Marshall own Marlborough Plumbing & Heating and have been providing plumbing and heating services at Master Plumber, Gasfitter, and Drainlayer standards for over 15 years.

Whether domestic or large commercial operations, our experienced and friendly team ensure that we meet all your requirements. With full project management, technical support, and follow-up service.

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