Understanding the 10 departments in your business is crucial for productivity

Every business can be broken down into 10 core departments with unique functions – two are strategic and the rest are operational. It’s essential to understand the 10 departments, the function of each, and the key responsibilities of each person in each department.

The 10 departments and their functions are:

1. Shareholder: Funds the business.
2. Director: Sets the direction of the business.
3. Leadership: Implements the plan effectively.
4. Product / Service Development: Develops the products / services for sale.
5. Operations: Generates cash.
6. Sales: Converts prospects.
7. Marketing: Generates leads.
8. Finance: Manages the cash.
9. HR: Enrols and engages the team.
10. Admin / IT: Maximises efficiency.

Having an Organisation Chart which clearly identifies the 10 departments and roles and responsibilities of each person increases efficiency and allows you to gain more control over your business.

“The business is there to serve you; not the other way around.”

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