Join us for our complimentary LIFT Business Building & Mentoring Introduction Evening

Are you or your business under pressure since the COVID-19 Lockdown? Do you want to feel more in control of your business, with more time, knowledge, cash flow and profit?

Turn your business into one that’s profitable, sustainable and enjoyable. Our Lift Business Building & Mentoring Programme helps you make sense of the financials, giving you the right skills and tools, and a roadmap that shows you where you’re going towards your ideal destination.

In this programme of 8 Pivotal Workshops you’ll:
• Create a roadmap that defines where your business is going and gives you certainty about what to do next
• Learn what’s making you money and what’s not and take control of your finances
• Learn to use the Profit Improvement Tool and discover the 7 ways to improve your profit that can increase your income and the value of your business
• Have more money on hand to pay your expenses and pay yourself what you’re worth by learning the 7 ways to improve your cash flow using the Cash Flow Management Tool
• Create a solid foundation for your business with a clearly defined structure and team roles to get your business working more efficiently
• Learn how to lead a winning team
• Get to grips with sales and marketing and how to use them to grow your business.
• Learn and implement changes in roles so you can do more of what you love.

You won’t just get to see what changes need to happen to make the biggest difference in your business… you’ll implement these changes as we progress through the programme, with a support team to guide you as you learn and grow.

You could even be eligible for up to 50% funding for your place in our 2020/2021 LIFT Business Building & Mentoring Programme.

Join us for our complimentary Introduction evening on Tuesday 1st of September 2020 at 4pm, to find out how. You’ll also learn a wealth of new business knowledge, be opened to new opportunities, learn more about the programme and get the chance to ask some questions.

To register:
• call Monica on 03 374 9393, or
• email [email protected].