Meet Megan La

Business Advisory Services Manager

Megan is a Senior Chartered Accountant and leads the accounting team here. She’s been working as an accountant for the past 15 years and prior to joining our team was working with a large accounting firm.

She says “moving to a smaller accounting firm enables me to really get to know my clients and in working more closely with them I can help them with their day to day operations and help make a real difference in their business.”

Her specialty areas are tax and financial portfolios and she loves helping clients get a great end result that suits their situation. She’s a real systems person and enjoys training and quality control.

Megan’s not just a whiz-bang accountant she’s also a keen traveller and has her sights set on travelling to all 7 continents in the next few years. And when she’s not travelling she’s spending time with family and friends and enjoying a good laugh.