The BE DO HAVE Principle

The Principle

The Be Do Have principle explains how, if we move our focus from what we have (or don’t have), to who we want to be – and align our goals and actions with that state of being, in time, we’ll achieve our haves.

“When I have, I’ll do, and then I’ll be, becomes, who must I be and what must I do to have what I want.


Define and create your preferred way of being – in alignment with your goals.


Your way of being will propel you into appropriate action (the do).


The results of your action will enable you to reach your goal.


When I have more time I’ll spend it with my family and I’ll be a better parent…


I need to BE the best parent now, so I must reduce my working hours to develop great relationships with my family.

“You’ve got to BE before you can do, and DO before you can have” – Zig Ziglar

Achieve your haves

We’ve created a visual reference to help you quickly reorient yourself in the direction of results, rather than stagnation.

Download our free Be Do Have Infographic (PDF Format)