Business Coaching

Business coaching by Accounting Solutions can help business owners improve the performance of their business, and increase profits and cash flow. The services provided include training business leaders on how to get clear on what’s bogging you down, better understand the frustrations and challenges you’re facing and discover the tools you need to set about implementing the winning formula to create a business that thrives, can scale up with ease, and is successful on your terms.

Business coaching can help you and your team identify where you are currently and where you want to go. We will work together to define the steps needed to reach your goals. See more details on our coaching options:

Accountants are very important decision makers in the business world. They are usually tasked with helping to sort out complex financial conundrums. There are lots of needs that help decide the role accountants play in their business coaching capacity. These professionals can act as mentors for clients because of their wealth of practical knowledge about all the challenges and issues facing businesses and other issues related to finances.

ASL provides businesses with the insights and advice of expert business coaches, who are also qualified accountants. One of our core business coaching services is our Practical Business Building & Mentoring programme. This training programme is designed to empower you let go of the stress and feeling of being overwhelmed that comes with leading a business in a constantly changing environment. You’ll discover a new mode of operating and more time and energy to focus on what’s really important.

Business coaching services provide you with an experienced business mentor: Louise has been successfully running her own business for the past 25 years with a group of friendly specialists who will work alongside you and your team. They can help lead the way by helping you apply business strategies, process improvement plans and more. They will also support you in any areas that need revisiting, such as marketing, performance management and people management.

Business Coaching is a form of business consulting and assistance in the form of educating an individual, a group or an organisation using coaching methodology. Accounting Solutions offers private, one-on-one business coaching, if mentoring for a key individual (often, but not aways, the business owner) is deemed to have the best potential to bring about the best results for your company. This focused mentoring allows Louise to listen to and examine thought processes and provide suggestions, feedback, options and advice; designing a custom programme to precisely fit you and your business.

Accounting Solutions provides objective, outside-the-box coaching to help you create sustainable growth in your business. Whether you’re looking to restructure, or simply want guidance on structuring your time and workload more effectively, we can help. At the end of the day, we want you to be able to begin to really enjoy your business and start living life your way.

Invest in you and your business

Our mentoring programmes are custom-designed for individual clients by expert mentor, Louise Neville, Director of Accounting Solutions Ltd. Price is available upon application.

Our mentoring programmes are registered with the Regional Business Partner Network and you may be eligible for Capability Voucher Funding which helps business owners access business coaching and training services, by providing them with up to a 50% subsidy (capped at $5,000) towards the registered service cost.

Find out more about our business mentoring programmes. See more details on our coaching options: